The Wild Horsemen project was created with the intention that the community, would be the ones to come up with how the Wild Horsemen was shaped. What attributes they would have, clothing, types of fur and accessories. All chosen by the community.

This project is real, no bullshit.

We are setting aside 70% of all mint income for giveaways, charity events & the community wallet.



As a way of giving back to the community we decided to implement some prizes into the minting phase of The Wild Horsemen.

How does it work?

Each generated Wild Horsemen comes with a set of traits randomly picked from over 200 unique layers.

Each Wild Horsemen will contain the following:

- Background

- Fur

- Clothing

- Mouth

- Eyes

- Hair

- Accesories

What traits awards a prize?

- Beach Background (The Vacation Package)

- Gamer Background (Gaming PC Package)

- Ethereum Background (1 ETH to your desired wallet)

- Hoodie with a sneaker print (1x Sneaker)

- Hoodie with a Controller print (1 PS5)


 - If you mint a Wild Horsemen with a Beach Background you have won The Vacation Package.

How many prizes are available?

10 x 1 ETH

10 x PS5 (Valued at $600)

10 x Vacation Package (Valued at $5-10 000)

10 x Custom Gaming PC (Valued at $2 500)

20 x Limited Edition Sneakers from Stock X or GOAT (Valued at $1 000)

General Information about The Vacation Package

Each vacation minted will be valid for the travel of 2.

You can freely choose where to depart from and the destination. (Only limit is that it must be on the planet Earth. We do not support trips to the Moon or Mars.)

The package includes flights, hotel, activities, and a decent chunk of pocket money to spend as you desire.
If you are unsure if you will be able to travel because of COVID, a cash prize can be offered as an alternative.



Founder & Main Artist


Community Manager


Community Moderator


Community Moderator


Public Relations Manager


During the minting phase we will be focusing on growing the community into a strong and stable one. We will be doing regular giveaways for both free Mints & Whitelist spots.

We will also be collaborating with other projects and influencers in the crypto community.

Donating 20% of mint income to a charity chosen by the community.

Giving away upwards of $180 000 in both virtual and real life items/experiences.

Depositing 10% of mint income & 50% of all royalties to the community wallet.

Shipping out free merch to holders.

The creation of 10 000 3D Animated Wild Horsemen.

Half supply (5000) will be airdropped for free to holders of Gen 1.

The rest will be reserved for public sale.

The community will decide what they want us to do next. Will it be a staking function, a p2e game. Who knows what the future might bring

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